Well I Never…

Up until now the chances are that you never really thought of getting married before. It can seem like a daunting prospect and without help can be very aggravating…..

The old adage of “shop around” is good but advice, tips and hints from people who have been there before is always the best option. They have had the good luck to experience the highs of their plans coming together and some sadly have had the very lows of seeing some of what they envisaged as good ideas crumble and fall apart.

So reading a good and well informed wedding blog is a good start and a great foundation to build you ideas and dreams upon.

Alison Tinlin UK's No.1 Wedding Blogger

Alison Tinlin UK’s No.1 Wedding Blogger

This is only our first post here on the To Have And To Hold “Blog Spot”, but we would recommend the UK’s No.1 Wedding Tweeter Alison Tinlin. This Wife and mother of two children is a remarkable lady, completely and utterly wrapped up in the world of weddings. To say that she is an expert in her field is a shear understatement. If you are on Twitter you can follow her at http://www.Twitter.com/MrPandP and we would advise you to check out her very informative and helpful and at times funny blog at http://www.mrspandp.com/

If you have a question, she will have and answer or at least know where to get the answer you need. Check out her links and tell her Dave from To Have And To Hold sent you. She’ll have a welcome greeting and words of advice just for you…

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